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Apple Watch 4.0 – best purchase I didn’t make!!

Friday , Sep 21st 2018 – Philly.

Right now I own an Apple Watch series 3 , gps & cell. Last year, after making fun of everybody who purchased Apple Watch , ever, I decided to go and figure out what is it that makes people spend $400+ on a watch , made in China , that despite all the fuss , impossible to have a decent calls with, as it turns out, has a very unstable heart rate monitor and on top of all that, does on you every day!

Is it Tim Cook’s promise that “we just going to love it!” ?, naaaa, we are smarter than that, aren’t we…?

Is it the brilliant design of the watch ? Maybe …. but that’s not worth $400.

So, I gave into the hype and bought the watch….

That was my first smart watch ever. Before that I had, Fitbit, jawbone, myfit etc…

fast forward one year later…. this day, i can say that I still wear it despite it being slow, sometimes crashes, I haven’t used the calling ( 4g ) function even once, and the heart rate is embarrassing.

I saw the keynote and decided to go to the Apple store to see the new Apple Watch 4.0.

It looks very nice, improved heart rate and bigger screen.

compared the heart rate reading and the new watch had it right on the spot within seconds while my 3rd generation took 40 seconds to figure out my heart rate and it wasn’t correct…

I registered on the spot to buy a new version and made an appointment for the same day 3pm.

So here I am , 3pm, walnut and 16th in Philly…

10 people in line , I’m number 11… standing there….

I got to give it to Apple, their marketing is brilliant!!! People stand in line, begging Apple “geniuses” to take their money, willing to spend hours in any weather, just to get the latest watch or phone or whatever…

And then it came to me… last time anyone in my family stood in line for something , was to get books, bread, or fresh fish in Soviet Union… and now , I’m standing here, trying to give away $300+ to have something I don’t need, wasting my time in line along side what seems to be a bunch of people from Walmart….


I gave my spot to the next in line victim who got super excited about it and left.

Saved like $300, and left with my perfectly mediocre series 3 Apple Watch….