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Confused about Apple’s provisioning profiles? you are not alone

First of all – dev and ad-hoc profiles are not the same. An ad-hoc install more closely replicates a store install.


There are 4 different profiles that can be generated:

  • Development Profile: Used to install an app on a registered device in debug mode
  • App Store Profile: A profile that is used to distribute a completed app to the App Store for sale
  • In-house Distribution Profile: Only available with the Enterprise developer account type, and is used for distributing apps to non-registered devices outside of the App Store. (Example: A company would use this profile type to distribute internal apps to their employees).
  • Ad-hoc Profile: A distribution profile for distributing an app to devices registered in the developer account


Which one you use may depend on what it is you need to test with a given user. If you’re trying to solve an issue with a store app, try ad-hoc. If you just want that user to provide general feedback, consider using TestFlight (dev/debug mode).